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Naramata’s peaceful essence is ripe for quiet pursuits of mind, body and spirit.

April 10 Bike

Just a 15 minute scenic drive from Highway 97 and airport access, the picturesque village of Naramata is bounded by lakeshore, clay bluffs, vineyards, orchards and wilderness. Tree lined streets made for strolling, artisan shops, a Museum and quaint Country store weave the fabric of a community who’s history is very much a part of the old Naramata Hotel. Once a destination of the great CPR Paddle wheelers that plied the waters of Lake Okanagan, Naramata’s earthy solitude still exists and is cherished by the people that call it home.

Spring blossoms, Summer sun, Autumn harvest and Winter snows paint the backdrops for endless outdoor adventure & naturalist activities just minutes from the inn. Cycle the route of the old Kettle Valley Railway; hike, bird watch and photograph the wilds of Okanagan Mountain Park. Cross country ski, snowshoe and snowmobile through the wonderland of trails surrounding the village. Escape into the hills on horseback or open a book on a stretch of sandy beach.

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