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Window Rock, Arizona – Love this place!

June 19 Window Rock

4 Responses to “Window Rock, Arizona – Love this place!”

  1. anroworld

    So beautiful, Doug! And can I hug you for buying my postcards? I am speechless from happiness! That is the biggest support ever! I am not sure I deserve!

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      • anroworld

        Oh, there are no words to express how happy I am to know you are satisfied with my cards and have already got them! Huh, I worried about it a lot, really! Thank you for letting me know, you are so kind! I am hugging you strongly for so lovely compliments, hope I deserve them! My works are pretty modest, your amazing pictures will look better as postcards, believe me! I suppose I won’t be able to compete with you!
        Bless you! Happy Friday!


  2. Maria Jansson Photography

    What an incredible place. I have not been there. I talked about Arizona with my daughter this morning. it has a lot in common with Nevada. I really like it there, even though I haven’t spent that much time there.



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